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Jane Lynch

Born: 11 in
Years Active:

Writer, actress, and comedian Jane Lynch is a slim six-feet-tall and usually wears her blonde hair cropped in a pixie cut. Born in Illinois, she went to a public university and got her M.F.A. in theater from Cornell. Her extensive theater background involved touring with the Second City comedy troupe and playing Carol Brady in +The Real Live Brady Bunch. She also wrote and starred in the award-winning play +Oh Sister, My Sister. Originally produced in 1998, the play kicked off the Lesbians in Theater program at the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center in 2004. Lynch's other stage credits include +Tales of the Lost Formicans, +Ennui, and +Waiting for Iggy. She made her film debut in 1988 with a small role in the body-switching comedy Vice_Versa. On television, she was in the Lifetime movie In the Best Interest of the Children and made numerous guest appearances on sitcoms. After some meager roles in Straight_Talk, The_Fugitive, and Fatal_Instinct, she had the good fortune to join Christopher_Guest's gang of improvisational comic actors. Her breakthrough role was butch Christy Cummings, the personal dog handler to trophy wife Sheri Ann Cabot (Jennifer_Coolidge) in the 2000 mockumentary Best in Show. Over the next two years, she played a government agent in the action movie Collateral_Damage, a sarcastic nurse in the ABC medical comedy MDs, and a 1940s-style receptionist in the TNT movie The_Big_Time. In 2003, she reunited with the cast from Best in Show for the musical spoof A_Mighty_Wind. She performed her own music in the role of Laurie Bohner, the former porn star and member of the New Main Street Singers. In 2004, Lynch appeared in Sleepover, Little Black Boot, and The Californians. Andrea LeVasseur, All Movie Guide
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